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How to process user csv files with semicolon as delimiter?

New Contributor
New Contributor

We have user csv files which have semicolon as delimiter. We are planning to use the schema based import to upload these users into Saviynt.

Que - how can we process such files which have semicolon as the delimiter which is currently not supported in Saviynt. The supported delimiters are comma(,), pipe(|), tab(\t), and tilde (~).

Using a jar inside .sav file is an option but, looking for some alternate solutions through which we can replace ; with any supported delimiters.

Note : there could be strings in double quotes "test;test;test;test" which we have to ignore because this entire string with semicolons is valid and will go in some user CP.

Appreciate any inputs.



Currently semi colon is not supported. Alternative solution you need to write jar to replace semi colon with any other separator supported

You can raise the enhancement in ideas portal

Rushikesh Vartak
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