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How does REST Connector Account Import Pagination works in Saviynt?

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Regular Contributor


If I configure a REST Connector to do account import with pagination support, how does it work in Saviynt regarding the processing sequence? 

Does it fetch each page and reconcile all accounts before it start to process the account to user association and save the account one by one in Saviynt? or it will fetch one page and process it in Saviynt, Until all accounts of that page are processed in Saviynt, it will trigger next page call?

The order of such behavior will affect our caching strategy for how long we should cache the data in REST Service API, if it fetch all pages altogether, it may be fast, but if it fetch one page then wait until the fetched accounts are processed, it may take too long time. one full reconcile may take hours.




It will bring first page data store in saviynt then call second page save data and so on

Rushikesh Vartak
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check this out : link

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Vedanth B.K