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Hide Dynamic Attributes from Create User Page on first click

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi Team, 

We are using the Create User Page tile in the home page to create users of various types: BeSEE, DA Vendor and US Vendor. 

Initially while we click on Create User Page on Home Page the first page loaded should not see "DA Banner" Field where as its currently visible, We are seeing the below attributes loaded with additional field is it possible to hide "DA Banner" Dynamic attribute from being visible on first load?



Steps 1: Click on Create User Page

Step 2: Should be able to see as below metioned:

Actual Fields: Employee Type, Company, Company, Storeid/ou, First Name, Last Name, DA Banner, Start Date, End Date, Secondary email, Mobile, Language. 

Expected Fields: Employee Type, Company, Company, Storeid/ou, First Name, Last Name, Start Date, End Date, Secondary email, Mobile, Language. 

Step 3: While selecting "Employee type as "DA Vendor" only then:

Actual Output: Able to see "DA Banner" Field before selecting "employee type" field as "DA Vendor". 

Expected Output: Should be visible on post selecting employee type as "DA Vendor" only then "DA Banner" field should be visible.


Thank you,

Vidya D Mudagal



@vmudagal1 Use action string(SHOW &HIDE) in Employee type DA.

Sample syntax:

SHOW###DA banner###DA Vendor___HIDE###DA banner###other value

Use default value in Employee type DA other than DA Vendor



Sumathi Somala
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Use show hide in action string of dynamic attribute 


Rushikesh Vartak
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