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Need sample query/config for fetching datasets from Dynamic attribute

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hello Team , 

We have REST cyberark connector which holds safe names. We have another domain AD connector which holds AD groups. Now we have received Safe-AD groups mapping. So the expectation is people will request for safe only , but in background based on safe-AD group mapping they will get added to AD groups under AD endpoint. 

I know we can do it via EntitlementMapping but since bulk entitlement mapping is not available as an option. Please provide the configuration / query how to access dataset from dynamic attribute. Since we have created dataset with this safe-AD mapping details.

Seocndly, if you have any good design in mind to achieve this. Please let us know at the earliest.


New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We have utilized the following query to retrieve values from a dataset in the Dynamic attribute, where the type is set as SQL Enum. This query can be adapted to meet your specific needs:

SELECT DISTINCT ATTRIBUTE1 AS ID, ATTRIBUTE2 AS description FROM dataset_values WHERE datasetname = '<your dataset name>' ORDER BY ATTRIBUTE1 ASC

Best regards,

Krunal Kadam

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SELECT DISTINCT ATTRIBUTE1 AS ID, ATTRIBUTE2 AS inlinedescription FROM dataset_values WHERE datasetname = 'safeAD' ORDER BY ATTRIBUTE1 ASC





Rushikesh Vartak
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