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Future date tasks not working from detective user update rule.

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi Experts,

We are working on leaver scenario for the users onboarded via invitation.

So the user end date is pre set with the status as Active, now when the end date is reached, status is not getting updated because there is no trusted source import happening here. We tackeled this from customquery, though it isn't the ideal way. So user is now getting disabled if current date matches the end date.

The Problem we are facing is with the de provisioning tasks, which we want to be executed after few days in future. We have created detective user update rule, which is disabling the account after 7 days.

I can see the disable account task is getting generated but the start date isn't set to future date.

Can you please help to identify if I am missing anything here or any other better approach please.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Please share the user update rule.

And can you confirm is "Trigger Actions when" field in user update rule is proper as per source of user update.

Are you using execute on in action of the user update rule.

Also please note that if you are updating a custom property from custom query the rules will not be invoked.