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Can't update existing workflow

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team! I am trying to update and save an existing Workflow however, I am getting this error upon Saving.

I don't see any workflow with the same name though. Any insights, please?





Go to Admin - workflow list - open workflow - go to version - 

there must be composing version workflow update that workflow and send for approval



Rushikesh Vartak
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Follow below processing for updating the workflow:


Editing Workflows Using GUI Editor

You can edit an existing workflow using the user interface editor if the JSON wirings are already existing for the respective workflow being edited. You can also edit a workflow, which is in composing state. If the JSON wirings do not exists for the workflow, it opens the respective workflow in XML editor.

To edit a workflow:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Workflows > Workflow List.
  2. Select the workflow and click the Edit icon inline with the workflow name under Action column.
  3. The relevant workflow is loaded in the user interface Graphical editor as the workflow has JSON wirings.
  4. You can edit the parameter details of the workflow components and also add additional workflow steps, as required.
  5. Click Save and then click Send For Approval to send the workflow for approval.
    The workflow will be displayed in the Workflow Approval page.


Devang Gandhi
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