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Azure AD Group deletion icon not showing

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


I'm trying to implement Azure AD Group deletion from Saviynt.  I have added these feature accesses to the SAV Role 

Create AAD GroupAllows users to request Azure Active Directory groups creation  
Manage AAD GroupGives ability to create, manage & view Azure Active Directory groups

But when I navigate to Home -> Manage Groups -> Manage AAD Group I'm only able to update AAD Groups and not Delete them (No delete group icon showing). See picture below


Any ideas how to fix this and be able to delete AAD Groups from Saviynt?

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Tommil 

You need to enable the below configuration to get the Delete button in Manage Roles.

Login to Saviynt -> Go to Admin -> Navigate to Global Configuration from the left menu

Now search for Show Delete Role Button or go to the Roles category.

Enable the Show Delete Role Button option available user SETTINGS section to get the delete icon next to the Edit icon in Manage Roles.



New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Thank you this worked.