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User Initial Password Communication Approach With Okta and Saviynt

New Contributor
New Contributor

We've a setup where the Saviynt user profile has work email id as well as personal email id and Okta is the identity provider for the Saviynt.

 Considering this setup, when the new user joins the organization, is there a way to achieve following requirements in below sequence to avoid password sharing on email from Saviynt on new user's first logon?

  1. Login Saviynt using their personal email address.
  2. Saviynt to detect the user and send activation link and temporary password to user's personal email.
  3. Activate their Saviynt/Okta account and change the password from Saviynt.
  4. Allow new user who logged in using their personal email address, to claim the user identity.


#1 you can send password to personal email

#2 on which basis ?

#3 how saviynt will detect?

#4 he logged in so already claimed

Rushikesh Vartak
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