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ANALYTICSDATA in To of Email template

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Hello Folks,

I tried to send an email to the user that I got from a Report. Below is a sample how I've done.

Analytics : select u.username as 'username',, u.employeetype, u.startdate, u.enddate from users u where u.username like 'cp006184'

Template :

To: ${ANALYTICSDATA.'email'[0]}

But It won't be triggering the template unless I add ${userEmail} to CC or To

Is there any way that I can use ${Analyticsdata.*} in To instead of using ${userEmail} for this case ?


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @Joon ,

If you want to send the email to a user from analytics, please proceed as following :

  • Your SQL Query must contain a column called "username" which will be the target of the email to be sent.
  • The email template "To" must have the following value : ${userEmail} as it will pull the email from the identity's username above.
  • The Analytic report must have the "Email Template" attribute set to the email name to be sent.

Notes :

  • ANALYTICSDATA variable is used to pull the rest of the data.
  • You can hide the "username" column if that is not relevant to display when creating / updating the analytic report.

Hope this helps !


  • The Email template assigned to the control should contain ${userEmail} in the TO field and ${ANALYTICSDATA.<columnname-with-valid-email>} can be added in CC/BCC field.

    For more information about managing email templates, see Creating and Managing Email Templates.

  • The query should include the username column or any column which contains a valid email id.
    Sample Query:

    select u.username, u.firstname as 'First Name', u.lastname as 'Last Name',(select

Follow below links for some sample:


Devang Gandhi
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