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Removing Application

New Contributor
New Contributor

I have added an application to my development instance of EIC. I used the Application Management interface under the Design section. This was a learning process and some things went wrong while setting the JSON configs. I would like to delete the application and start from scratch to validate my final process before moving to production. I don't see a way to remove an application. If I delete the Security System from the Admin UI, will the related Application in the Application Management UI be removed? 

Also what happens to any users or accounts imported from the application? Would they be cleaned up as well? I appreciate any insights since I haven't found anything straight forward in the documentation related to retiring an application.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@KevinMurphy If you have an application which is onboarded and if there are any accounts, entitlements in it which have been mapped through a request or already used in any other module like certifications, you will not be able to delete the system. 

Thanks for the reply @sai_sp. The users and accounts should be unused. All I have done is setup the initial connection and done an couple import jobs. I had to change the import config a few times before it was all looking ok. There isn't any one else using the system to request access and no automated provisioning rules.

I guess it comes down to what is the retirement process for an application? Is that documented? So if we stop using an application and want to remove it from Saviynt how does one do that?

@KevinMurphy If there are no tasks, requests, certifications associated and just the application and the account entitlement data came in through the import, you can go to Admin > Security System 

select the required system and click on delete. It will delete the corresponding endpoint, entitlements, accounts from the system.

Bit there are other modules like requests, certs, tasks associated, you can make the endpoint non requestable and deactivate the entitlements, accounts etc.