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Hi Team,We have a requirement to launch service account campaign through which owner should be able to delete service account if it's not in use. Is this feasible?  Thanks,Smitha 
We have a request to understand if there is a way for escalation process in EntitlementOwner campaigns.When we launch EntitlementOwner campaigns, if the entitlement owner doesn't take any action before the expiry of the campaign, the tasks get expire...
Team,In our production we see a job thread for 'User Manager Certification Deprovisioning Job (CampaignDeprovisioningJob)' is running (kind of stuck). What is this job about? We have neither created any triggers of this type nor don't have any User M...
Hi Team,Kindly help us with below informationWhere can we find Saviynt Mobile App APK for androidWe are not finding Saviynt mobile App in App Store of the iOS device. (referred "
Hi Team,We have a requirement to launch entitlement owner certification for users only if the user is not undergone certification in last quarter.  Is it possible to filter user based on 'lastcertified date'?.I checked few tables like certification_u...
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