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I am trying to create account import json : Here is my response: {     "result": {         "count": 2.0,         "records": [             {                 "id": "05c0b15597d93150fac91b34a253af6d",                 "display_name": "A Tester User(AB84...
Hi, I am looking for suggestions on how to configure peoplesoft account import. I have tried configuring the peoplesoft integration via design but its not working as expected.Kindly share your thoughts on setting peoplesoft application from recon. Ho...
Hi All,I am integrating Saviynt and Peoplesoft using the Design feature of Saviynt. I am looking for some help and inputs on the below fields:What should be the expected value of PeopleSoft Component Interface? 
Hi All,I am doing account import from Service Now.  Saviynt is able to get response from the Service Now but post that it's not able to corelate any users. Import job is showing as successful.Below exception is showing up in logs:"rest.RestUtilServic...
I have configured the Peoplesoft application in Saviynt 23.8. I can see connection is showing up successful in the design section of Saviynt for both db (recon) and people soft system (provisioning).While triggering provisioning for the Peoplesoft ap...
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