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We are using a REST connector for our Azure AD tenant to apply filters to our searches. We are able to import the accounts and the entitlements independently but not able to get the entitlements associated with the accounts. Essentially using the sam...
Is there a way to utilize the Salesforce OOTB connector while using the client_credentials grant type?
I have an endpoint filter to bring in cloud accounts only to the Azure AD Cloud endpoint, however when I do an import it creates duplicate accounts for 2 endpoints Azure AD and Azure AD - Cloud. Am i missing a configuration here?"OSU AZURE AD - Cloud...
Use case: we need to use the Azure AD connector to import accounts and filter for accounts that are not on-prem synced. we need to add to the header ConsistencyLevel, how can we do that?
How can we edit the user's customproperty without the CUSTOMQUERYJOB and using the new Enhanced Query Execution? The use-case is, when we deprovision/remove an account, we need to take the date that the remove account task got completed and add that ...
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