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Out-of-the-box SOD rulesets and risks for SALESFORCE

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Regular Contributor


Can someone please confirm if the OOTB Risks and Rulesets are now published for Salesforce.

Last update I got on forums and Saviynt ticket around ‎30-08-2022

Import Out-of-the-box SOD rulesets and risks for S... - Saviynt Forums - 12053

and [#1477580] Out-of-the-box SOD rulesets and risks for SALESFORCE : Saviynt Inc

was as below

As per internal discussion standard risks and functions related to Salesforce SOD are in pipe line, not released yet.

The Saviynt ticket was kept in 'Future Release' status but recently closed and the the forum thread is locked.

Can someone please update the latest progress regarding this.



Thanks & Regards,
Haardik Verma

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @haardik_verma ,

Its still in pipeline and the exact date is Still TBA. But for time being as there is no major risk as you can create your own rulesets and risks. it shouldnt cause major problems.