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Organization approval workflow based on attribute update

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We are currently implementing the TPAG module, and as part of this, we are configuring the organization approval workflow. The organization details are stored in the customproperties, within the attributes, under the organization owner. We want to define an approval workflow based on which attribute has been updated.

For example, if the domain values are updated, it should go for line manger approval. if customproperty1 is updated, it should go for organization primary contact approval.

To create this in the organization workflow, we need to know which organization attribute is updated inside the workflow. Could someone advise which tables we should refer to and what the further process entails?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




use request_Access_attrs  table which stores values in column ATTRIBUTE_OLDVALUE  & ATTRIBUTE_VALUE co



Rushikesh Vartak
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Hi @gokul 

Please refer to the below post for table related to organization attributes.

Solved: Database Query to get organization attributes deta... - Saviynt Forums - 57644


Dhruv Sharma

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Hi @Dhruv_S 
Thanks for you response!
Based on my use case, I need to identify which attributes/customproperties were updated during the organization update process to redirect the approval workflow according.
Can you advise on how to achieve this using the above mentioned solution.


HI @rushikeshvartak 
Thanks for your reply. Can you provide some sample query to get the updated organization customproperty old value  and attribute value from the request_Access_attrs  table.

Already shared in previous reply

Rushikesh Vartak
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Regular Contributor III

Hi @gokul ,

Please correct me if I am wrong, looking at the use case, you are updating customproperty<1-28> of an existing organization which should route approvals for different users based on customproperty update. In my opinion, this workflow would be complex. Hope the below solution helps you.


  1. You can try 'if-else block' in a workflow where {organization.customeproperty1 ne null} and then route it to Manager Block or primary contact user. This documentation should help you in choosing organization object variables for your use case.
  2. Also, sharing the below query if you can refer and use it in the custom query block - query to check the old and new values updated


SELECT c.customername,
FROM   customer c
       LEFT OUTER JOIN customer_history ch
                    ON c.customerkey = ch.customerkey
       LEFT OUTER JOIN customer_historychangelog chc
                    ON chc.customerhistorykey = ch.customer_historykey
WHERE  c.customerkey = 3
ORDER  BY chc.creationdate ASC 




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Thanks @PremMahadikar  
We have encountered a limitation in handling workflow approvals when more than one attribute is updated simultaneously. Consequently, the client has agreed to proceed with a defined two -level approval workflow.