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Control Execution is taking longer than expected.

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


I am running an actionable analytics to disable account and send an email notification to user's manager.

Upon running the report I am constantly seeing the below message:


Alert: Control execution is taking longer than expected. You will be notified when the result is ready

The report never finishes running, be it from Analytics page or through a job.

I want to Save data with Context as 'None'


If I select 'Save data to file' the report runs but only send an email notification, and does not create a task to disable the account.


Report SQL:

SELECT u2.username as username, u2.displayname as 'Manager', u.username AS 'Guest user to terminate', u.displayname 'DisplayName', u.userkey AS userKey, date_format(u.enddate, '%Y/%m/%d') as EndDate, AS accName , a.accountkey AS acctKey, 'Disable account' AS Default_Action_For_Analytics
users u
LEFT JOIN user_accounts ua ON u.userkey = ua.userkey
LEFT JOIN accounts a ON a.accountkey = ua.accountkey
LEFT JOIN users u2 on u2.userkey = u.manager
WHERE u.enddate is not null and datediff(now(),u.enddate) between 0 and 10 and a.status in (1 , 'Active','Manually Provisioned') and a.endpointkey=12;

The report has only 1 line of data result, but still fails to run.

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