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Digicel - CPAM Azure functionality in Saviynt

New Contributor
New Contributor


We want to comprehend the most recent CPAM Azure functionality in Saviynt because we have to configure the following Azure use cases in the Digicel environment.

Azure Cloud platform – Windows/Unix/DB server

  1. Integrate Saviynt CPAM with Azure cloud platform to be able to
  2. Perform Account discovery and import Azure platform objects such as accounts, roles, groups, servers etc.
  3. Onboard 3 accounts each for Windows, Unix and DB servers using below access methods.
  4. Credential based check-in/check-out
  5. Credential less access to target system

           iii. Just in time access to target system

  1. c. Onboard 2 console accounts (Note: this is for non SSO based integration)
  2. Credential based check-in/check-out
  3. Credential less access to target system
  4. Implement session recording and monitoring of credential-less and JIT accounts for Windows, UNIX and DB systems
  5. Implement command restriction for UNIX.
  6. Configure password, workflow and access policy for target systems onboarded

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@riyazullah1 Thanks for posting your question. As of today, automated bootstrapping (onboarding azure workloads using the bootstrap job) is not supported. However, they can be onboarded as onprem workloads using the onprem onboarding approach. In this case users will find the workloads under New Privileged Access -> Onprem Tile instead of the Azure tile. Here is the article that explains the process for Onprem onboarding


Nagesh K

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @NageshK 

I kindly request if you could provide me with additional documentation pertaining to this matter, if available.

Thank you for your assistance.