CPAM Configuration

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We are setting up credential less CPAM for SAP Connector for SAP Web post configuring PAM attributes and bootstrapping the account it shows up under Privileged Access Menu.

The confusion is, as per documentation and other forum posts, the app launcher and auto script for OOTB is available . How do we configure for SAP Web or other REST/SOAP based system like SAP Ariba. How to configure app launcher or write script? 

I dont find any documentation on it


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@rituparna_pwc Thanks for posting your question. Are you looking to access your sap system using the SAP GUI think client or via browser? And for either of the cases, you will need to submit a support ticket (as mentioned in the table referred in the linked forum post) so that support team can configure the remote app for you. However, please provide clarity on the usage of thick client vs thin client (browser) and the corresponding client details. 


Nagesh K