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Workday integration RAAS _ Get future positions only

New Contributor
New Contributor


I am working on the integration of Workday as an authoritative source for EIC.

I want to workers future positions in the User Attributes section. Workday team is providing a Raas report with workers' future positions.

I have created a dedicated Workday Hybrid connector based on this report to map only User attributes section with workers positions.

In the USER_IMPORT_MAPPING section of the connector, I've put {"ImportType": "RAAS"}.

In the USERATTRIBUTEJSON section of the connector, I've put {
"UserAttributes": {
"CATEGORY": "wd:Job_Data.wd:Position_ID~#~string",
"companyname": "wd:Job_Data.wd:Brand_Name.wd:Descriptor~#~string",
"startday": "wd:Job_Data.wd:Effective_Date~#~string",
"primary": "wd:Job_Data.wd:Pernr_priority~#~string",
"ORGANIZATION": "wd:Job_Data.wd:Cost_Center.wd:Descriptor~#~string",
"COUNTRY": "wd:Job_Data.wd:Country_from_Pos~#~string"

After running the import, Users attributes are updated BUT some of the user's attributes are erased...(title, organization, country...)

-> How is it possible to block the update of user's details except the User's attributes dedicated for positions  ? 

-> Do you have other recommendations to fill the identity with only future positions ? 


Thank you in advance ! 




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Compare the attributes coming from RAAS and map only those attributes for RAAS import. 

Please share the sample RAAS schema

New Contributor
New Contributor


Let's take the example of a manager working in the United Kingdom (Effective date of the report: 15th march 2024).

By the 1st of April 2024, he will be promoted to a Sr Manager in the United States. Today, I am receiving a report from Workday indicating the future position of the Worker (see below).

In EIC, I want to update only the User attributes section with the future position. 

Having the connector configured as mentioned in the screenshots and after running the import of the future report (on 15th march 2024), the identity's title will be update to "Sr manager" by the 15th of march 2024 which is false....

--> Any recommendations to fulfill my requirements ?


The future report received by the 15th of march 2024:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<wd:Report_Data xmlns:wd="">
<wd:Full_Name>John Terry</wd:Full_Name>
<wd:Employee_Type wd:Descriptor="Permanent">
<wd:ID wd:type="WID">11e</wd:ID>
<wd:ID wd:type="Employee_Type_ID">Permanent</wd:ID>
<wd:Position_Title>Senior manager</wd:Position_Title>
<wd:Location wd:Descriptor="Location 1">
<wd:ID wd:type="WID">833</wd:ID>
<wd:ID wd:type="Location_ID">NI</wd:ID>
<wd:Country_from_Pos>United States</wd:Country_from_Pos>

New Contributor
New Contributor


Any updates for my topic please ? 



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


You could use a pre-processor to only update the position field based on the start date of the position. This assumes you would get the update on every recon run. If not, you could store new position /start date in another CP and then use Sav4Sav to update the users' position on the new position start date.