User Manager Certification - Access Verification Actions

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New Contributor III

Hello - we are working on configuring User Manager Certifications for Access Verification only - objective is for Managers to review their assigned Contractors and confirm they are still active contractors and their end date is correct. Workday is the HR system and source of user status and end date. Saviynt does not write back to Workday.

What options exist for sharing the results of certification back with HR to update Workday. From a certification action can we send an email or create a ServiceNow ticket? or what report options are there to compile results of certification into a format for HR? Looking to see how others are using this type of certification with similar objectives. 



Once the certification is complete, you can take export of the certification result and share it with HR.

They can take action on the items based on the certification result export. 


Devang Gandhi
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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @kfoley1 ,


Can you please elaborate on what exactly do you mean by sharing results to workday. 

As per my understanding of your ask, you're not including accounts and entitlements and just doing level 1 of certification where certifier certifies the contractors reporting to them. If you want to send a report manually to workday for updates, you can export the summary of the actions taken by the certifier on the certification and update the data on workday manually. 

Other option is you can of course make use of analytics to write queries to retrieve the data around actions taken on the certifications in the user manager campaign and schedule it on timely basis.

Kindly let me know if my understanding is not accurate.

For more information on user manager campaign and it's configurations, please refer to below documentation link