User Manager Campaign - Conditional Certify Limit Days


Hello Team,

We are working on UM Campaign.

We are also exploring a feature Conditional Certify Limit Days.

As per this document :Configuring Settings for User Manager Campaigns (

There is not much information how this is suppose to behave.

Say for example we set it to 90 days.

How this extension work in EIC? Is it based on the campaign start date or the date when the manager takes an action.

Also, say the manager has conditionally certified it for 45 days and before that period only the end user requested for revocation for such access. How does the task behave which will be created for revocation post 45 days of extension.

Assist please.

Manish Kumar

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Manu269 - I have reached-out internally to get answers to your questions. 

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @Manu269 ,

Thank you for reaching out.  We are working on the mentioned documentation and will share an updated version at the earliest opportunity.

Best regards,
P S Krishnan