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unable to update default of a dynamic attribute via API

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor


With a boolean dynamic attribute, I can't update the default value 

the defaultvalue parameter is not took in account . I tried (true,false,TRUE,FALSE,1,0)


    "securitysystem":  "test",
    "endpoint":  "test",
    "updateuser":  "test",
    "dynamicattributes":  [

            "attributename": "select",
            "requesttype": "ACCOUNT",
            "attributelable": "select",
            "attributegroup": "2. Supervisor selection",
            "orderindex": "0",
            "attributetype": "BOOLEAN",
            "defaultvalue": true1",
            "attributevalue": "",
            "accountscolumn": "",
            "required": "true",
            "editable": "true",
            "hideoncreate": "false",
            "hideonupdate": "true",
            "showonchild": "false",
            "parentattribute": "",
            "actiontoperformwhenparentattributechanges": "",
            "actionstring": "SHOW###Supervisor###TRUE___HIDE###Supervisor###FALSE"
I added a screenshot. No value is selected.
if I set a value manually, when I execute this payload a new time, the default value disappears in my DA
What is the correct value/name to set in the updateDynamicAttribute 's payload for a boolean DA to set the default value ? 

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Finally, I found the solution

We must use attributevalue instead of defaultvalue for a boolean DA.

That s ok for me