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Two-step Account Correlation

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

In our Saviynt instance we are using employee number as the unique identifier for our employees/users.

We have already onboarded our Active Directory which is correlating accounts to employees/users using this employee number property.

We now need to onboard an additional application which has a very limited account table and no place to store the account owner's employee number. It uses Active Directory for SSO authentication.

Is there a way for us to perform a two-step correlation of the accounts - first to the Active Directory account and then to the connected employee/user for that AD account?

We did consider using email address to correlate directly but in some cases a person will have multiple email addresses and only the primary address is on the user record in Saviynt.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @BarCar,

You need the unique identifier to co-relate the accounts.

Please refer below KB if it it mights helps.



Correlation iD should be unique. One time you can upload correlation using import sheet and then follow standard saviynt username as unique identifier

Rushikesh Vartak
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