Trigger email with revoke task details from campaign when revoke config is disabled

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New Contributor II

Hi Team,

I want to trigger email from Campaign for revoke action with revoke details, we aren't provisioning or deprovisioning from Saviynt, through a different ITSM tool the revoke action will be taken,

we need to send the details to the respective team so they can take deprovision action from their end.

I have disabled the below configuration


and my email template used is single liner for testing no variable used


the email is not getting triggered,

observation: if campaign revoke tasks configuration is disabled no email is triggered, any suggestions please?

is it mandatory to enable revoke task configuration in campaign for email to trigger? in this case how to achieve it?



Since you mentioned provisioning and deprovisioning is not happening through Saviynt, Did you configure endpoints as disconnect applications?


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New Contributor II

Yes its a mix of disconnected applications, and applications where only reconciliation is configured from target,

Yes you need to configure revoke option, since deprovisioning is not managed by saviynt. You can create report and send email to required team.

ok if we configure revoke option then tasks will be created within saviynt and it will be created in customer prod environment as well. is there a way not to create task from campaign but only send out email with revoke details?

Yes report is in place too.

Create tasks and discontinue using API /Custom Query (not best practice)