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to remove space from Sam account name

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi Team,

we have the  sam account name logic as below , but due the same if there is a space in the name for eg first name John Last Name S M then the sam Account name is getting created with space to over come the same we have implemented the below logic , but the add account task is getting failed with error as below .

Sam Account name logic --

String samAccountName = '';
String fn = '';
String ln = '';
if(user.preferedFirstName != null && !user.preferedFirstName.trim().isEmpty() && !user.preferedFirstName.trim().equalsIgnoreCase('-')){
fn = user.preferedFirstName.trim().toLowerCase();
fn = user.firstname.trim().toLowerCase();
if(user.displayname != null && !user.displayname.trim().isEmpty() && !user.displayname.trim().equalsIgnoreCase('-')){

ln = user.displayname.trim().toLowerCase();


ln = user.lastname.trim().toLowerCase();

samAccountName = fn.substring(0,1) + '.' + ((ln.length()<11)?ln:ln.substring(0, 11)) + '_adm';
return samAccountName;
Logic to remove space ---

ln = user.displayname.replaceAll("\\s","").trim().toLowerCase();

ln = user.lastname.replaceAll("\\s","").trim().toLowerCase();


Error in Provisioning new account --

Error while creating account in AD - Failed to parse template script (your template may contain an error or be trying to use expressions not currently supported): startup failed: SimpleTemplateScript455.groovy: 7: unexpected char: '\' @ line 7, column 35. ln = user.displayname.replaceAll(\\\s\,\"\").trim().toLowerCase(); ^ 1 error


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Aparna 

Please try replacing replaceAll("\\s","") with replaceAll('\\s','') everywhere and check if it works.

Dhruv Sharma
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New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi Dhruv,

Thanks will check the solution and post if any issue .


@Aparna can you try :

ln = user.displayname.replaceAll('\\s',"").trim().toLowerCase();

ln = user.lastname.replaceAll('\\s',"").trim().toLowerCase();

Manish Kumar
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