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SaviyntConnect 2.0 question

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

So we have setup a SaviyntConnect2.0 client inside our database. 

The tun0 tunnel is up and running.

My questions are, how does SaviyntConnect know where to send these requests & how do we make sure these requests arrive on the SaviyntConnect machine?

If we enter an ip address as URL in the configuration of our connector to import accounts, these requests do not arrive at the destination IP. We can not see the requests on our Saviyntconnect machine.

We have temporarily fixed this by entering the tunnel IP in our configuration on port 8080 ( We then forward requests from the tun0 to the necessary internal IP addresses (from ex. Gitlab) using IPtables configurations. Because requests do arrive on the tunnel IP address on our Saviyntconnect, this works for now. But this is not the correct way to make the Saviyntconnect work, right?

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Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

It is done via IP routing on the Saviynt Connect Server side. Log a Freshdesk request to configure IP routing on the SC Server side to route any traffic from the Saviynt App instances to the client side IP Address/Subnets via your SC Gateway server (Open VPN Tunnel).

This does mean that you will need to use IP addresses in your connector configurations since the Saviynt App instances won't be able to do internal (client side) DNS resolutions for FQDNs.