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SAVforSAV Rest for the users created via UI

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi All,

We are trying to acheive a scenario where we need to preprocess the data for the users being created via the UI. Although we have covered the import via Workday import and users uploaded from CSV can be covered by using preprocessor logic via CSV import.

Below is the use case:

1. Set preprocessor logic for users being created via UI

Implemented logic for Import via HRSS(Workday) for below scenarios:


"USERS": "SELECT USERKEY,username,firstname,lastname,customproperty1,customproperty2,customproperty12,customproperty19 FROM USERS"
"COMPUTEDCOLUMNS": ["customproperty1", "customproperty2", "customproperty12", "customproperty19","customproperty41","customproperty42","customproperty43",],
"PREPROCESSQUERIES": ["Update NEWUSERDATA Set NEWUSERDATA.customproperty1 = FN_EIC_REPLACE(NEWUSERDATA.firstname,'WRITE THE NAME OF THE DATASET HERE') where Copy the where that is used in JAR",
"Update NEWUSERDATA Set NEWSUSERDATA.customproperty2 = FN_EIC_REPLACE(NEWUSERDATA.lastname,'WRITE THE NAME OF THE DATASET HERE') where Copy the where that is used in JAR",
"Update NEWUSERDATA Set NEWSUSERDATA.customproperty12 = where Copy the logic that is used in JAR",
"Update NEWUSERDATA Set NEWSUSERDATA.customproperty19 = Copy the logic used in JAR",
"Update NEWUSERDATA Set NEWSUSERDATA.customproperty41 = 'True' where DATEDIFF(NEWUSERDATA.termdate, DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 DAY))=0",
"Update NEWUSERDATA Set NEWSUSERDATA.customproperty42 = 'True' where DATEDIFF(NEWUSERDATA.termdate, DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 5 DAY))=0",
"Update NEWUSERDATA Set NEWSUSERDATA.customproperty43 = 'True' where DATEDIFF(NEWUSERDATA.termdate, DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 0 DAY))=0"]

Please let me know if any further clarification is required to understand the requirement.



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@tpawle , you can try leveraging the validation jar on user creation with enabling below configs:


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New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello @nimitdave , i am not able to see the image you shared. Could you please bit elaborate your findings on this.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@tpawle - If you are still unable to see the image in Nimit's post, can you please take a screen shot of what you do see in his post and send it to me via Private Message?  (Including any Ad-Blockers installed, etc. Thank you!)