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Need information on organization

New Contributor
New Contributor


we have the below use case,

1) There are 2 authoritative system HR system using db connector and AD.

2) The user may get created in AD or HR system or in both.

3) when the user has been created in Saviynt from the source, the user should be tagged as ‘A’ org when the user is having all the attributes from both the sources.

The user should be tagged under ‘A-HR’ if the user info have only attributes from HR source means the user is not imported from AD.

The user should be tagged under ‘A-AD’ if the user info only have attributes from AD means the user doesn’t have profile in HR.

Note both HR and AD doesn’t have any unique identifier. The common attribute between 2 systems will be first name and last name.


can someone help me how to achieve this use case and provide me any sample to update Organization while importing users from source.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @saramohanraj ,

You can achieve this using user update rule - to trigger update user task (Sav4Sav DB/rest connector)

  • Mention attributes as 'Is Updated' under user update rule including firstname and lastname Ex: Any other attributes defined here will also work (Basically this rule should trigger for newly created users coming from DB or AD)
  • In your Sav4Sav connector, you can update organization/customer with case statements and can achieve to set organization=A-HR or A-AD

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