Sample SOD ruleset for Oracle HCM (Entitlement based)

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New Contributor III

Hello Everyone 


We have a requirement to implement SOD which is calculated simply based on entitlements requested

For example Entitlement 1 AND Entitlement 2 will cause conflict #1 (Risk name). Similarly there are more Conflicts which may contain two or three entitlements at most . 

I do understand that we need to map these entitlements in the functions however, I am unable to fully grasp how to actually build a ruleset for this as it is mandatory. 

Please let me know if you have any ideas about it, much appreciated.


Thank you



Hello @shubhangsinha_ ,

You need to check this with application team on the list of conflicting entitlements, risks associated and priority.

Based on the information gathered you can start with function, risks and rulesets.

Saviynt also provides an option to upload the ruleset via file in saviynt 

Manish Kumar
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Thank you for the response , could you please provide the link or sample file which can be used in this case? For the method of uploading ruleset via file