Restrict consultee to secondary owners only

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On the certification campaign (Entitlement Owner), is it possible to restrict consultee to secondary certifier only?

Currently, when the primary certifier is using the consultee option, everybody is visible on the drop down and doesn't always know the secondary certifier. Instead, if only the secondary certifier appears on the drop down, it will be super helpful.

Can the consult query support multi-table joins? when I enter a query that runs fine in data analyzer, it's not accepted in the consult query box. Looks like it follows a different syntax :-

select username from Users u
inner join Entitlement_owners eo on eo.userkey=u.userkey
inner join entitlement_values ev on eo.entitlement_valuekey=ev.entitlement_valuekey
inner join entitlement_types et on ev.entitlementtypekey=et.entitlementtypekey
where et.endpointkey=217



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @igaravi ,

Entitlement specific secondary certifier cannot be displayed but you can display all the secondary certifier in the system using the below approach.

Update a certain custom property for all the secondary certifiers at the user level and then use the below query in the Campaign Configurations under Consult/Reassign Query.

We have set the customproperty1 to 'SECONDARY' for all the secondary certifiers.

We are then using the below query in Consult/Reassign Query -

select u from Users u where in (select distinct username from Users where customproperty1 = 'SECONDARY')

 Please note that this will display all the secondary certifiers irrespective of the entitlement.


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Thanks Daanish for your suggestion. Our User schema is running out of attributes so i cannot utilize it for this use case, but I found another query to use. But I cannot restrict to one single endpoint as joins seems to be not supported. Will use this for now.

select u from Users u where 1=1 and in (select eo.userkey from Entitlement_owners eo where eo.rank=2)