Rest connector and API thresholds

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Is there a way to configure the Rest connector to handle API threshold 429 HTTP responses and back  off or wait for the threshold time to expire before continuing with API calls for account/access recon jobs?




429 in from connection json or one of the call from import json. in config json did you tried to increase timeout?

The rest connector is used for aggregating account and access data from the Dynamics 365 F&O OData API. For account aggregation jobs, we do a number of calls to the various API endpoints to first get a list of all Worker records then for each Worker record additional endpoints are called to get additional account specific details. Due to the amount of calls to the API service, the service applies threshold controls and any API call results in a 429 HTTP error. So the calling API has to back off for the specified (returned in the 429 response headers) time before making another / any other API call. If you make another call while the threshold in in effect, the server side timer stays the same and continues to apply the threshold control.

I don't think setting the timeout in the connection / operation config  would help as the API responds with a 429 response. My guess is that the connector is just going to continue calling the api for each of the calls and each call is going to get a 429 response. So each configured API call config in ImportAccountEntJSON might have to be configured to allow for 429 threshold management.

Is that a capability of the Rest connector?



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Saviynt Employee

Hi @Paul_Meyer 

Thank you for reaching out to us, 


1. Could you please let us know what error/debug lines do you see in logs during the API call? 

2. Also please share the masked JSON you're using in the REST connection.