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Request for Hardening Configuration Recommendations: RHEL 8.x and Windows Server 2022

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hello Everyone,

Our client intends to deploy RHEL 8.x and Windows Server 2022 for their infrastructure and is in need of comprehensive hardening configuration recommendations compliant with Secure Configuration Compliance (SC2.0) standards.

We have conducted preliminary research but have not found adequate references in existing documents.

We welcome any insights or pointers to relevant resources from the community.


Chirag Gupta



For RHEL 8.x, you can refer to the official CIS benchmarks for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These benchmarks provide comprehensive guidance for hardening configurations compliant with industry standards, including SC2.0.

For Windows Server 2022, you can look into the CIS benchmarks for Windows Server, which offer detailed recommendations for securing Windows environments according to SC2.0 standards.


Rushikesh Vartak
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