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Preview campaign still able to be activated even after the due date has passed

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

If the campaign end date is already passed, system still allows to activate the Campaign in "Preview" mode. 

Is there any way to prevent activating "Preview" status campaign for which the end date is already in the past

For example

Campaign XXX is launched in preview mode and end date is set to tomorrow.

Campaign owner still be able to activate the campaign after day after tomorrow.




Hi @ravikumarghr 

There is job is Saviynt Expire Attestation based on End Date (ATTESTATIONEXPIREDJOB) to expire the Campaign after End Date reached. Run the job once you activated the campaign from preview mode after end date.



Make sure to schedule job accordingly so that certifier can not action and campaign will be marked as expired.

Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Activating the preview mode campaign(which has already end date in the past) and triggering email notifications(which shows due date in the past) to certifiers 

1. Confuses the certifier due to past due date in the email notification

2. When certifier logs in to the system it wont show up and the ATTESTATIONEXPIREDJOB expires and removes from the certifier view

so it is not a good idea to activate the preview mode campaign which has due date in the past.

Saviynt system should not allow the campaign owner to activate if the end date is in the past.

This looks like defect. Please raise defect or enhancement request for same.

Rushikesh Vartak
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Kannan R
Saviynt Support Operations 

Saviynt Support is claiming this is not a bug, but as designed..