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Pagination Synatx for links type for REST Connector

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi All,

I'm trying to integrate InsightVM application as REST integration (rapid7 api ) in v23.10 version and I'm not able to import accounts through pagination as i don't find related pagination logics in the example jsons.  Looking for similar pagination samples for below api response.

pagination response from rapid7 api :

"page": {
"number": 0,
"size": 10,
"totalResources": 75,
"totalPages": 8
"links": [
"href": "https://XXXX:3780/api/3/users?page=0&size=10&sort=id,asc",
"rel": "first"
"href": "https://XXXX:3780/api/3/users?page=0&size=10&sort=id,asc",
"rel": "self"
"href": "https://XXXX:3780/api/3/users?page=1&size=10&sort=id,asc",
"rel": "next"
"href": "https://XXXXX:3780/api/3/users?page=7&size=10&sort=id,asc",
"rel": "last"

Issue at hand:

Response has no pagination params. response and response header does not have any useful pagination parameters to use.

I have attached the ImportAccountJson formats with diff pagination which i tried, still I am able to import only 10 accounts from the target.

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Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hello @mahammed_raffi 

Please try with the below JSON with pagination - page type to import accounts. Ensure you provide the valid accesstoken and URL 


  "accountParams": {
    "connection": "acctAuth",
    "createUsers": false,
    "processingType": "SequentialAndIterative",
    "includeExistingInActiveAccounts": true,
    "call": {
      "call1": {
        "callOrder": 0,
        "stageNumber": 0,
        "http": {
          "url": "https://XXXXX:3780/api/3/users",
          "httpHeaders": {
            "Content-Type": "application/json",
            "Authorization": ""
          "httpMethod": "GET"
        "listField": "resources",
        "keyField": "accountID",
        "colsToPropsMap": {
          "accountID": "id~#~char",
          "name": "name~#~char",
          "displayName": "name~#~char",
          "customproperty1": "login~#~char",
          "customproperty2": "email~#~char",
          "customproperty3": "enabled~#~char",
          "status": "enabled~#~char",
          "customproperty10": "STORE#ACC#ENT#MAPPINGINFO~#~char"
        "pagination": {
          "page": {
            "pageSizeParam": "size",
            "pageSize": 10,
            "pageRecordCount": "",
            "pageNumberParam": "page",
            "totalCountPath": "",
            "firstPageNumber": 0




Thank you
Vedanth B.K

Thank you @Vedanth-BK . It worked now !!