out of band and low risk graphic manager campaign Step 2 approve/ revoke entitlements.

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello, my team wants more clarity as to what these visuals mean. To our understanding the out of band graphic shows 3 accounts deemed privileged or a risk rating of 4. While the other graphic (low risk shows the users and the access that has a lower risk rating. Is this correct? In addition, can these two graphics be removed from a user's view when they move onto step 2 access approve or revoke entitlements to avoid users' confusion? 

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Out of band implies that the Access/Account was assigned outside Saviynt. 

Low Risk implies that the Access has low risk. 


The use of smart filters allow certifiers, delegates, and consultees to make informed and quick decisions and reduce the overall certification fatigue.

The smart filters are available in Step 2 of User Manager, Service Account, Application Owner, and Entitlement Owner campaigns.

The following filter options are available:

  • Progress: Displays the count of items that are pending, need a consultation or are conditionally certified. If you click on the Pending, Consult, Cond Certify options available in the progress card, the data gets filtered accordingly.

  • High Risk: Displays high-risk items for accounts, access, roles, and users as well as the percentage of high-risk records.

  • Low Risk: Displays low-risk records for accounts, access, roles, and users as well as the percentage of low-risk records.

  • Out of Band: Displays out-of-band (Access assigned outside EIC) records for accounts and access.

  • Control Tile: This tile provides the following details:

    • Recently Reviewed in 30 Days: Displays accounts, entitlements, or roles that were approved in the last 30 days.

    • Accounts Inactive for 60 days: Displays accounts that are in Inactive or Manually Suspended status for 60 days.

    • Orphan Accounts: Displays accounts which do not have any users assigned to it.

    • Last Certified: Displays details of the last certified campaign.

    • SOD Risks: Displays SOD Risks present on the certification records.

    • Inactive Accounts: Displays accounts that have inactive status.

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