Nested Entitlements

New Contributor II
New Contributor II
We have a requirement where we need to create entitlements within entitlements and again create entitlements with in these child entitlements. i.e If we create an Entitlement A, we want to create entitlements B,C,D under Entitlement A. Also, we need to create entitlement E,F,G,H under B. And similar for C and D.
As per my knowledge, we can create parent entitlements and assign multiple child entitlements to the parents. But when we assign parent entitlement to account, it will give access to all the child entitlements. Can you please let me know if is there anyway we can restrict the access to all the child entitlements? Is there a way to solve this issue of nested entitlements?


You can use entitlement Map concept to restrict access to child entitlement . Please note it will be global

for example

Ent A is parent and Ent B,C,D as child then you can specify B, D to add to user but C not at all.

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