Importing child entitlements into existing Groups entitlement

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I am importing child entitlement (Server) as entitlement2 along with its parent "Groups" entitlement as entitlement1 from an Asset system using DB Connector. The entitlements are getting created within the new Asset endpoint and linked hierarchaly. However, I already have this parent group entitlement in the Active Directory endpoint and I have mapped these endpoints using "mapped endpoint" tab. But still a new independent parent entitlement is created and not linked at all to the existing one. Is this the expected behavior? Is there a way to link these?



You can't map parent endpoint entitlement to child endpoint entitlement 

Okay. So the use case here is to show who has access to what Server. The group already present in AD endpoint shows the users belonging to the group. The DB import into Asset endpoint links the Servers to the group; but the group membership is not visible from this endpoint. What option can we use here to link individual group members to the Server entitlement? Look like an Analytics query to join these endpoints on group (entitlement) name? 

You can provide analytics report to find mapping

what is solution?

We ended up implementing this differently. Created a powershell script to dump group memberships into a CSV file directly from AD and uploaded these into the endpoint. Now we have visibility into which User has access to what asset.