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How to make entitlements inaccessible

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Regular Contributor

When an entitlement is active, we can add access to this entitlement on a user's account using the "request access for others" feature in ARS. 

When an entitlement is inactive, we can't add access to this entitlement on a user's account using ARS (because the entitlement is not visible anymore). 

But when we add access to entitlements via user update rules, technical rules and tasks, we can still add access to entitlements which are inactive.

Considering we can't delete entitlements from EIC, we need a way to make certain entitlements inaccessible so that this entitlement can't be added to an account anymore. 

How could we do this? 

We have tried deleting the entitlement from the application itself, but when we do an access import the entitlement is still there in EIC (inactive) and tasks are still being generated for this entitlement even though they will never get completed (Screenshot)






The issue over here is task getting generated for inactive entitlement via rule. Ideally system should not generate the add access task for inactive entitlements.


Devang Gandhi
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