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Getting entitlement value in Request form from dataset

New Contributor
New Contributor


Hi ,

we have a requirement where we are getting a csv with information of an attribute and its particular group 

Can we use it as part of a Dataset and call it in the request form 

for example attached is the file where we have a country and its associated name 

In our case we have a value for the application and its associated group name

is it possible to showcase this in the request form






Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @RizvanaShaik ,

Yes, you can use it. Check this solved article to configure dynamic attribute and to call dataset values and attributes - Solved: Default value not populating in Endpoint Dynamic A... - Saviynt Forums - 66483

Note: This data is just used to display and will not really assign entitlement if you add your entitlements in dataset.

Or, Are you looking for assigning of entitlements/groups which is selected from dataset inside the form?


New Contributor
New Contributor

 Looking for assigning of entitlements/groups which is selected from dataset inside the form

@RizvanaShaik ,

No, it's not possible.

Entitlements/groups should always be selected from configured entitlements under Admin -> Identity repository -> security system -> endpoint -> select application -> entitlement type ->'table or dropdown(single)'

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Instead of going through data set. Create Entitlement Type and import values. which will assign entitlements to account  

Rushikesh Vartak
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