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Generate different usernames according to companyname

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


We are working on a usecase where we have to generate Saviynt username according to the companyname. 

For example: if Jon Doe belongs to company 'xyz' then the Saviynt username generation rule should generate (

If Jon Doe belongs to company 'abc' then the Saviynt should generate (

One thing to note here is we also need to check the uniqueness of the user where if another users joins with the same first and lastname then an auto increment should be set up before the domain portion. 

Uniqueness check: For company xyz


For company abc

How can we design this username generation rule in Saviynt?



Hi Rushikesh,

How does FN_EIC_SEQGEN works? Do we have to maintain SEQUENCE_GEN_MAPPING dataset like this.. if there are two john doe as (john.doe, john.doe1) then id is john.doe and value is 2?

So like this do we need to maintain id for all the existing usernames?

What about the new username getting generated daily for new users? Do we need to update dataset ourselves for these new users?

And to use this function FN_EIC_SEQGEN('abc') will be FN_EIC_SEQGEN( concat(users.firstname, '.' ,user.lastname) ) to get the counter for john.doe?


You need to define initial sequence number in dataset

Rushikesh Vartak
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so lets say there is only 1 rushikesh vartak in company with username as rushikesh.vartak so I need to keep sequence number 1 or 2 for this unique username?

Lets say I have three Amit Yadav in company username as amit.yadav, amit.yadav1, amit.yadav2 so for amit.yadav i need to keep sequence as 3?

So separate sequence for separate usernames? As a sequence of amit yadav is not valid for rushikesh vartak ..

Pls explain.