Entitlement and role showing as provisioned but not provisioned at azure end

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi Team , 

I have integrated an AzureAD connector and using rest connection for the Add Access 

I was able to create user account successfully in Azure ( It is visible in azure directory ) , As a second step i tried provisioning some access to this account . So , the entitlements shows in the account inside of saviynt 

But when i checked the same at azure end , it is not provisioned , What could be the issue ? 


(I checked each group separately , the user has not been provisioned with these entitlements) 

Ankit Jindal 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

1. Please check in account_entitlements table for respective accountkey and entitlementvaluekey.

2. if the field arstaskkey is null for the mapping that means that account-entitlement mapping was imported from the last app import in the saviynt.

3. When a task is picked for provisioning it first checks the entry in the above table is mapping already exist it will mark the action as NO ACTION REQUIRED and not proceed with provisioning.

4. Run the import and see if mapping is getting remove and then again try add access