Custom Jar Logger Configuration

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New Contributor II

Hello Team,

We are developing a custom jar for a client implementation and wanted to check on how to configure logs to be displayed on Saviynt Log Viewer UI. We tried the sysout (System.out.println()) way as recommended on other similar threads, but we are still unable to view the logs.







Hello @plakhangaonkar 

Did you follow all the details mentioned here : How to upload Custom Jar in v2021.x and above? - Saviynt Forums - 29141

Note : Sometimes it is observed that restart from UI does not pick the changes well, hence we reached out to PS team to complete stack restart.

Other important things we verified :

1. Please pack all your dependednt jar in your custom jar itself then upload it. Better use any build tool in your IDE like maven or ant for packing the jar. And make sure that size of the jar doesn't exceed 10MB.

2.  2021 does not support Custom Logger implementation which uses a separate log file to be created on the backend services.
Please use the standard system.out (System.out.println() ) and the output would be available to view in ecm-worker service logs.

3. Validate the file exists on server with proper rights



Manish Kumar
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Hi @Manu269 ,

Thanks for the reply.  I have followed the steps mentioned above but still unable to see the console logs. We are on Saviynt v23.8 and I have put sysout in the custom code.

Does server restarted from backend

Rushikesh Vartak
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