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Calling Account Import Jobs for one System with different Connection queries

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

I have a use case where I have two connection objects connecting to the same source system, but running different queries to get different sets of accounts. However these accounts should all be tied to the same security system and endpoint.

Is it possible to achieve this by running 2 account import jobs - specifying the same 'system' but different 'external connections' in each?

The option to do this seems present in the Application Data Import job type - however it defaults to matching the System and External Connection.  I found that changing the External connection to a different one that is not tied to the Security System specified simply ignores the External Connection field and uses the connection/query info in the connection associated with the System selected. 



The only documentation I found related to this was saying to specify the systemconnection:

Please advise if it is possible to use 2 different connection objects (same connection info, just a different query specified in each) to populate accounts on a single endpoint by using 2 account import jobs, each specifying one of the connections and both specifying the same system.



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @tedappara ,


Can you please elaborate on business use case here. If both type of accounts are from the same application, why can't we include both the account queries in same connection to import them.

Also if you'd be provisioning accesses to these accounts, then how are you planning to do that if you're having 2 connections.



New Contributor II
New Contributor II

This is actually our authoritative source and due to the large amount of data coming back, we had to split up the queries into 2 and run them as separate jobs as saviynt was shutting down the connection after a certain time (~17 min). The code behind the account import is being run using a custom JAR connector. Being the authoritative source, we are not provisioning access to these accounts.

Is there any documentation on how we can include both account queries in 1 connection? For this use case, the query is sent as part of the header and results coming back are taking too long which is why we are breaking it up into separate connectors (queries) and separate jobs.