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Bulk Request Upload- file uploaded but no requests generated

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

When trying to submit bulk Access request for users the file is being uploaded sucessfully but requist Id are not getting created for any of those users.

Steps to upload bulk request

step-1 Click Admin > ARS > Request Home.

step-2 Click the Request Access For Others - Multi User tile.

step-3 Click Action>Bulk Upload request

step-4 Select the type of request(Role/Access)

step-5 then upload bulk request file.

step-6 Click Import Now

File are being imported, we are getting notification on the screen, and screenshots are attached. No request is created.

No records found in the Request history as well.
PFA file  I was using to submit the request.
In the Saviynt Documentation  it mentioned that we can request enterprise role for Mass update:

  • Role Type: Specify the type of role, for example, Enterprise Role, and Firefighter Role.

Let me know if  anyone have any idea how to achieve this  scenario/ or facing the same issue.



@ssharma0-7  can you please share the file you are using to upload?


Naveen Sakleshpur
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New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi @ssharma0-7 ,

step-4 Select the type of request(Role/Access) --> What did you selected here? Select Access.


Remove last two columns Attribute Name and Attribute Value as you are not using it and try.

Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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