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Bulk Password Generation

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi Folks, 

I'm trying to get bulk list of generated passwords from Saviynt to validate password gen rules but can't manage to get it through. 
So far I've tried to trigger

  • change via API but it forces you to set password via API Call directly
  • using ${randompassword} and ${task.password} expressions in API for sending e-mails but it's treated as text 
  • using above mentioned expressions in Email templates and triggerring Send Email Job with particular template hovewer it works only if no expressions at all are used there, appending any does not send an e-mail

Have you got any idea how to achieve it? Usage of emails would be last resort as I'd have to parse it into .csv via powerautomate or any other solution but anything will be helpful.



Use saviynt REST API which will create task and send email communications 


Rushikesh Vartak
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