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Azure AD REST Import Issue

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We are trying to change from importing using the Azure AD OOTB connector to REST connector so that we can import the signInActivity for the accounts. We have some AAD groups with emojis in the display name, so I tried to use data type emchar to strip out the emojis but after making that change, I am receiving this error message:

Field 'ENTITLEMENT_VALUE' doesn't have a default value

Here is the entitlementParams section of our ImportAccountEntJSON:

"entitlementParams": {
"processingType": "SequentialAndIterative",
"entTypes": {
"AADGroup": {
"entTypeOrder": 0,
"call": {
"call1": {
"callOrder": 0,
"connection": "userAuth",
"listField": "value",
"keyField": "entitlementID",
"http": {
"url": "$filter=onPremisesSyncEnabled+eq+null&$count=true",
"httpMethod": "GET",
"httpContentType": "application/json",
"httpHeaders": {
"Authorization": "${access_token}",
"ConsistencyLevel": "eventual"
"colsToPropsMap": {
"entitlementID": "id~#~char",
"entitlement_value": "displayName~#~emchar",
"displayname": "displayName~#~emchar",
"description": "description~#~emchar",
"acctEntMappingInfoColumnFromEnt": "STORE#ACC#ENT#MAPPINGINFO~#~char",
"customproperty1": "deletionTimestamp~#~char",
"customproperty7": "mail~#~char",
"customproperty8": "mailEnabled~#~char",
"customproperty9": "onPremisesSecurityIdentifier~#~char",
"customproperty10": "securityEnabled~#~char",
"customproperty11": "groupTypes~#~char",
"customproperty13": "membershipRuleProcessingState~#~char",
"customproperty14": "ownerId~#~char",
"customproperty18": "creationDate~#~char"
"pagination": {
"nextUrl": {
"nextUrlPath": "${(response?.completeResponseMap?.get('@odata.nextLink')==null)? null : response?.completeResponseMap?.get('@odata.nextLink')}"

Does anyone know what this 'doesn't have a default value' error mean? Thanks.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @adecastro1 ,

The emchar datatype seems to be limited only to the OOTB Azure AD connector. 

Search Results (

Better to raise an enhancement request idea for the same. (



Md Armaan Zahir

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @adecastro1 
Please try URL encoding the special characters in the JSON URL.
+ needs to be replaced with %2B
space with %20

Attaching an online URL encoding reference Link.

Thank you
Vedanth B.K