ARS request binding variable for disable account type of request

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New Contributor II

I have integrated a salesforce app to request new account creation along with entitlements (so Add and remove access tasks are the only ones generated for the endpoint). The access request goes through manager and entitlement owner approval before it is provisioned on the target for the user.

Salesforce team would like to raise requests in Saviynt to disable the Salesforce account. When I configure the state and status fields on the endpoint to enable this option in the ARS request, the approval goes into an infinite loop with the manager approval using the same 2 level approval workflow.

I would like to control the approval flow by intercepting the request type in the workflow configuration. What is the binding variable to be used to detect if the request type is that of a "Disable Account"?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Did you try following object 


request type will be a numeric value based on its type 


Refer this , hope this helps :

Workflow Components (

Under section : 

Condition: If-Else Matrix 

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