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Analytcis not creating Account Update Task

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Hi everyone,

We are currently in a pre-production phase and just recently imported existing AD Accounts to Saviynt.

To align our current accounts with our goal definition of an AD account we need to add some Information to the AD accounts, that are present in the correlated User (imagine CP10 = employeeID).

I tried to achieve this by triggering an Account Update Task by creating an Analytics Configuration, that looks like this:



(Needed to create a new one to show it to you, as the Analytics Query is not visible in 23.11 anymore) 

So basically allowed Action contains "UpdateAccount" and the Analytics Query is 

select,a.accountkey as acctKey, endpointkey, 'UpdateAccount' as Default_Action_For_Analytics from accounts a WHERE Endpointkey = 4;

When I PPreview it and Dry Run it, I receive some results. Unfortunately, when I run it, I receive the message that there are 0 total records and no Update Account Tasks were created.

Now I'm wondering how I can debug this.

Thanks in advance 🙂



Enable show query option from Global configuration - analytics - show query 



Please create job to create update account task.



Rushikesh Vartak
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