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Multi Level review for certification

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,

We have one requirement in certification where we are trying to achieve multi level review, example-Like we launch a campaign-> manager approves it->on approval and sign off the same cert with same Account/Entitlement goes to application owner, like both user manager and owner to approve in the same cert.

Can anyone help to achieve the above flow.




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @AtrayeeDutta ,

Thanks for reaching out.

This is currently not supported. Once a line item in any campaign is approved, it cannot be routed to the application owner or any other owner. Only 1 level approval is supported in Campaigns.

You do have the option of assigning the line item to a new certifier if it does not belong to the original certifier.

Please submit this as an enhancement on the Ideas Portal ( )


Understood, thank you for your reply.