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In Saviynt EIC, how to change the background color of the topmost bar where the profile icon, application icon dots, etc are available?  
hi,   I would like to know what DevOps best practices can be used when working with Saviynt.       I understand Saviynt has the 'Transport' functionality to migrate objects from one environment to another. However this feature doesnt include some cri...
HI,           I have the below use-case          We have pre-approved usergroups with users and entitlements assigned to it. if the user belonging to such pre-approved usergroup requests access to the entitlement which also belong to this usergroup, ...
Hi,              Is it possible to fetch an ID/Value pair in the dynamic attribute of an ARS form. Actually I want to see if I can show a 'usergroup/usergroupid' so that user gets to see the usergroup name, but the dynamic query returns the usergroup...
Hi,            In the workflow If/Else condition, how do I check if the requestedBy user is part of a specific usergroup and if the requesting entitlement is part of that usergroup entitlement? 
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